About us


Founded in 2019 by a small group of New York healthcare professionals, Cantaloupe Health set a simple yet ambitious goal: help customers find the right product and explore the benefits of the natural partner hemp.

The Cantaloupe Health team had witnessed the positive effects that hemp extracts have had on many people with varying conditions. Thanks to their established team in New York, which includes a dedicated staff of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, Cantaloupe Health has a unique capacity to carry out its mission.



Our mission

Cantaloupe Health is focused on finding the safest and the most appropriate products for people who want to utilize the benefits of CBD, which is why we only partner with the most trustworthy suppliers to offer a large selection of CBD products.

Cantaloupe Health’s commitment to customers’ safety also includes offering cannabis specialized pharmacist consultation to our customers who are new to buying CBD oil online and have concerns regarding drug interactions with their medication regimen.

Hemp extracts (CBD) has the potential to transform the way pain and other conditions are managed. The signs are there.  Many people are finding relief from hemp extracts (CBD).  Cantaloupe Health believes we can do better for these people by offering them natural hemp extracts that are tested, reliable and consistent.

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